Only Python 3 on Linux is supported.


Python version under 3.6 is not tested.



Download the dataset at


Unzip the files as shown in

Rectangle Grasp Labels

Rectangle grasp labels are optional if you need labels in this format. You can both generate the labels or download the file.

If you want to generate the labels by yourself, you may refer to Generating Rectangle Grasp Labels.


Generating rectangle grasp labels may take a long time.

After generating the labels or unzipping the labels, you need to run to copy rectangle grasp labels to corresponding folders.

Dexnet Model Cache

Dexnet model cache is optional without which the evaluation will be much slower(about 10x time slower). You can both download the file or generate it by yourself by running gen_pickle_dexmodel.py_(recommended).

Install API

You may install using pip:

pip install graspnetAPI

You can also install from source:

git clone
cd graspnetAPI/
pip install .